Small Groups | Starting Sept 9th

Description & Details

Small Groups are how we make a big place seem smaller. We also believe that God has called us to push, challenge, and encourage each other in matters of life and faith. Small groups are how we try to live that out. Each group is composed of people who are all unique and different, therefore each small group is both unique and different. However there a few things common to the groups: a commitment to studying God’s Word, being a safe place to ask difficult questions and challenging each other in matters of faith. Each group is "open," meaning new people can join at any time.

Small Groups Info

  • 9am Sunday, The Chapel room 264

    Joe & Jen Novak

  • 9am Sunday, The Chapel room 352

    Brandon & Chelsea Nelson

  • 8pm Monday, Fir Hill Apartment - 55 Fir Hill St.

    Dan & Kayla Rasper

  • 8pm Monday, Student Union room 316

    Dakayla Noble & Bobby Csaky

  • 8pm Monday, Delta Gamma - 400 E. Buchtel Ave.

    John Rasper & Alyssa Hansen

  • 8pm Monday, South Hall

    Nick Damiani & Josh Davis

  • 8pm Tuesday, Honors

    Caleb Christopher & Monica Murphy

  • 8pm Tuesday, Student Union room 314

    Bekah Sorensen, Justin Janca & Nathan Booth

  • 8pm Tuesday, The Chapel Berean Room

    CJ Carmody & Kaitlin Warner

  • 8pm Tuesday, The Jam - 512 Buchtel Ave

    Josh Rymer & Riley Gankoski

  • 8pm Wednesday, The Chapel room 153

    Manny Rivera, Bethany Brausch, & Mike Bacon

  • 8pm Wednesday, A2 House - 363 Sherman St.

    Zach Davis, Kara Thomas, & Noah Bullock

  • 8pm Wednesday, Honors

    Calvin Baumann & Emily Armbrust

  • 9am Friday, The Chapel room 158

    Lynette Flick & Susan Bissonette

  • 2pm Friday, The Chapel room 264

    Matt Stang