I'm New!

We understand that being the new person can be a scary thing. What’s this place going to be like? Will anyone talk to me? What should I wear? How long will it go? What about….? It is our desire to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible by answering most of those questions on the front side of your visit.

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Get Connected

At Campus Focus we believe that no one was designed to do life alone but that we were meant to do it in the context of community. It is for this reason and many more that we have set up a system of small groups to help you get connected to a group of believers who you can walk through life with.

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Get Involved

We believe that every follower of Christ is called to be both a servant and a blessing to those around them. This is not only God’s strategy to help a world in need but it's also one of the primary ways that God uses to grow and mature His disciples. We would love to help you get involved and start making a difference!

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