When the Apostle Paul paints us a picture of how the church is supposed to function he compares it to a body with many different parts, all of which play a crucial role. It is a beautiful picture that both affirms the uniqueness of every person, and reminds us of the great responsibility God has entrusted to each of us. Imagine what God could do if everyone actually believed this and chose to get involved. We think that would be pretty sweet! Below are some ways you can serve our church. All are valuable and play a role in the mission and movement of Jesus.



Video, Photography, Graphic Design, Web

The Media Team is composed of people who are gifted in areas of video editing, graphic design, photography, and web. They use their talents and skills to help us communicate all that God is doing in and through us as a community. If you you would like to put your media skills to work or if you have further questions please email Kevin at the link below.



audio, video, lighting, slides

Production Team members serve to create relevant and engaging worship environments through the use of audio, video, lighting, slides and stage managing. Both experienced technicians and willing learners are welcome to join the team. We are happy to provide training and find the best role for you. For more information please contact Paul at the link below.



band members

If you have a passion for worship and helping lead others to join in than consider being part of our worship team. We are looking for people who are passionate about Christ and who have specific musical gifts. Roles for this team are limited and require an audition (which are held every fall). For more information or to get involved please contact Stephanie at the link below.



Ministry to Refugees

In the Akron area alone, there are over 1,000 Karen refugees coming from the politically war-torn country of Burma. Every week we run an after school program that is designed to help refugees in both middle and high school to develop the necessary skills to succeed and to connect them to the God who desperately loves them! For more information or to volunteer contact Becca by phone at 330-814-1893 or by email at the link below.



International College Student Ministry

Every year hundreds of international students arrive on campus without knowing a soul or even knowing where they are going to live. The Internationals ministry wants to come along side to help them with everything from furniture and housing, to building friendships and pointing them to Jesus. If you're interested in coming along side an international or if you want more information about how you can get involved please contact Todd by phone at 330.315.5495 or by email him at the link below