Description and details

PROJECT 192 is a discipleship-intensive week designed to take you further and deeper into what it means to chase after God. It is held the week after the conclusion of Akron's spring semester. Project 192 provides you with the chance to live with staff in their own homes along with 10 or so of your peers. The week consists of intense community, teaching, service projects and more.

DATES: Project 192 will be held immediately following finals week at the University of Akron. It will start on Saturday night May 12th, and end the evening of Friday May 18th

COST: $50 for the week. This will include all food, housing, transportation, and cost of events.

COMMITMENT: in order to participate in 192, each person must commit to the entire week and may not leave for work or other reasons. If you feel you have a special circumstance that requires you to miss part of the week please clear it with a CF staff member before signing up.


Each student participant will be placed in a house that centers around one of the following themes:

GODS STORY LINE: From Genesis to Revelation God is currently weaving and writing the story of humanity. This week will be a 50,000 foot look at what God has been doing, is currently doing and what He plans on doing in the days to come. Come explore God's story line with us and see how you fit into the greater story!

THE GREAT COMMISSION: Go and make disciples of all nations. Its a simple command found in Matt 28 that sometimes gets lost, muddied and misused in current culture. At the same time every follower of Jesus is called to be part of it. We believe that whether you go on to work as a engineer, doctor or pastor the great commission should speak into and shape how you live. This week will be a deep dive into the final charge of Jesus to all who would chose to follow Him.

Spaces and the registration/application process

Because 192 meets in houses, space will be limited for this event. In the event we have more people apply then we have space, we will be using the registration/application process to help us decide. We are looking for people who don’t see church as a place to come and consume but as a place they can give back and use their talents and gifts to serve the church and advance the kingdom. Spaces will be given to those who we feel are most spiritually ready for this week, and to those who apply first.

*To register, click on the link at the bottom of the page. DEADLINE IS FRIDAY APRIL 27th at NOON.