What is an Acts 2 Intern?

A2 Interns are a vital part of the Campus Focus team. They are full-time staff members who have either recently graduated from college or decided to take a year off. They have signed on for a one year commitment to help us reach the campus and to give back to the ministry that gave so much to them. A2 Interns are on the front line of what we do and they will devote most of their time to building relationships with students on campus and helping to foster a deep biblical community at Campus Focus. Their life stage allows him/her to relate to students on a peer level, yet have the maturity and leadership ability to disciple students as well. They will engage in a variety of activities including launching new outreach events, engaging new students on campus, helping us run existing events, planning trips and discipling new believers. They will also attend weekly staff meetings, brainstorming sessions and other team events. Throughout their internship our staff will also be building into them. They will have regular one-on-one meetings with a mentor and have weekly training sessions where they will be taught practical ministry skills from our pastoral team.


While Campus Focus will provide free housing and help with all ministry expenses, A2 Interns are asked to raise their full salary for their year on staff. Because Campus Focus predominantly serves non-wage earning students, our ministry is dependent on the generosity of others. While The Chapel funds the majority of our college ministry, the A2 program is only possible through the additional financial support raised by the individual intern.

If you have prayerfully considered and decided to support one of our Acts 2 Interns, we thank you! Your support will help us reach students that might not otherwise be reached. You will be receiving monthly updates from Campus Focus and the A2I you support. To make a financial gift to the A2I program you can either give online or by cash or check (made payable to The Chapel). All gifts to The Chapel are tax deductible.

A2 Internships

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Mikaela Marino

A2 Intern

I first heard about Campus Focus as early as my very first visit to campus, where I saw the A-frames set up next to the Student Union. Despite this early interaction with CF, it took me a while to get involved. However, once I finally started attending consistently with a group of friends and invested myself in this ministry, CF got a hold of my heart and would not let go. My involvement with Campus Focus has grown from worship, to small group leader, to intern. Campus Focus has helped me grow my relationship with Christ so much, and I am excited to get to be a part of that and reach other students.


Monica Murphy

A2 Intern

I heard about Campus Focus my freshman year of college but was reluctant to go. It was something my sister encouraged me to attend and get involved with but at the time it wasn’t for me. Fast forward a couple years, I found my way to CF. Once I started to attend consistently, I knew it was something that I could no longer avoid. I went on my first CF trip and realized the importance of being surrounded by a community of believers. God used this community to ignite my faith. My heart is to connect students to God and share the immeasurable joy in knowing Him.


Derek Brown

A2 Intern

My first two years at Akron were not God-centered at all. I felt overwhelmed being at the University of Akron and not knowing anybody. Like most people, I still had that desire to fit in and feel that sense of belonging. Unfortunately I began seeking to fulfill that desire in the party scene and furthering myself even more from how God intended for me to live. It wasn’t until the beginning of my junior year that I was invited by a friend and began attending Campus Focus. It took about a semester to dive “all in” with this ministry. I was encouraged to attend the Winter Trip to Florida and being around hundreds of believers was life changing. It showed the error of how I had been living and the true sense of belonging that is found in Jesus Christ. My heart is to be someone that God can use in this ministry to help connect the students of Akron to God and showing the hope and love found in him.


Billie Radcliffe

A2 Intern

In 2013, I came to the University of Akron with a desire to make friends and earn a degree, but God had so much more planned for me. I quickly learned that He had plans for me to follow and develop a relationship with Him, to develop a passion for college students, and to develop a heart for furthering His kingdom. Four years later, here I am, in a place that I would have never thought I would be and that is because God used Campus Focus to bring me closer to Him. Because of Campus Focus, I was given the opportunity to see and learn about God's love through community. I graduated from UA this past May and I am very excited to be a part of the CF staff as an A2 Intern for this year. As an intern, I want to do the same for students at UA - show them God's love for them through community.


Taylor Balachowski

A2 Intern

When I first came to The University of Akron I was not living a Christ centered life. I heard of Campus Focus my freshman year, but I didn't think it was a place I could fit in. During my junior year I began attending Campus Focus through a small group. I met some amazing people who were all on fire for Christ. I learned very quickly that no matter what stage of my relationship with God, this community would welcome me, encourage me, and help me dive deeper into that relationship. My passion for this ministry has encouraged me to take this opportunity to connect with other students on a real and practical level. To show them the love of Jesus and to help them build a stronger relationship with God.