What is an Acts 2 Intern?

A2 Interns are the newest addition to the Campus Focus team. They are full-time staff members who have either recently graduated from college or decided to take a year off. They have signed on for a one year commitment to help us reach the campus and to give back to the ministry that gave so much to them. A2 Interns are on the front line of what we do and they will devote most of their time to building relationships with students on campus and helping to foster a deep biblical community at Campus Focus. Their life stage allows him/her to relate to students on a peer level, yet have the maturity and leadership ability to disciple students as well. They will engage in a variety of activities including launching new outreach events, engaging new students on campus, helping us run existing events, planning trips and discipling new believers. They will also attend weekly staff meetings, brainstorming sessions and other team events. Throughout their internship our staff will also be building into them. They will have regular one-on-one meetings with a mentor and have weekly training sessions where they will be taught practical ministry skills from our pastoral team.


While Campus Focus will provide help with ministry expenses, and cover the cost of all trips, A2 Interns are asked to raise their full salary for their year on staff. Because Campus Focus predominantly serves non-wage earning students, our ministry is dependent on the generosity of others. While The Chapel funds the majority of our college ministry, the A2 program is only possible through the additional financial support raised by the individual intern.


If you have prayerfully considered and decided to support one of our Acts 2 Interns, we thank you! Your support will help us reach students that might not otherwise be reached. You will be receiving monthly updates from Campus Focus and the A2I you support. To make a financial gift to the A2I program you can either give online or by cash or check (made payable to The Chapel). All gifts to The Chapel are tax deductible.

A2 Internships

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Kaytlyn Tackett

A2 Intern

The summer after I graduated high school I worked at a summer camp and some of my closest friends suggested that I go to the University of Akron and join Campus Focus. At that point I hadn’t decided where I wanted to go to college, so I applied to Akron. I had no idea what God had planned. I started coming to CF when the fall semester started and was kind of skeptical at first, there were a lot of people that I didn't think I would ever actually get to know. The more I got involved the more I really grew to love this community. I stayed involved for several years & the opportunity of being an A2 Intern came into play and I knew right then that was my next step. Now I am on staff with a crew of people who love this community as much as I do. We all get to work together to bring more people in with hopes that they will eventually lead this in community as well!


Jackie Culley

A2 Intern

To be honest, I never saw myself attending The University of Akron, but thankfully God had other plans! And part of that plan was the opportunity to connect with some awesome, godly women through Campus Focus. Friendship and mentor-ship with them, combined with scriptural based teaching and small group Bible studies really helped shift the head knowledge I’d learned about Christ while growing up, into a desire to live a life of discipleship. The idea of a ministry internship wasn’t anywhere on my radar when I first came to Akron, but now I can’t imagine this season of life being spent any other way. I’m super excited to get to play a part in helping other students share in the fullness of life we have in Christ Jesus.


Jonathan Vichosky

A2 Intern

It was the first week of classes in the fall of 2011 and I only knew a few people at the University of Akron. A student living across the hall from me invited me to Campus Focus. I really did not know what it all entailed, but there seemed to be a lot of people going and that is what initially drew me in. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life. Through the Thursday nights, small groups, and group trips, I slowly learned what it truly means to be part of a community of believers in the pursuit of Jesus. Years later, it has had such an impact on my life that I could not think of a better way to spend my time than to come alongside students the way they had for me. My simple venture of trying to make more friends turned into changing the way I viewed the world, the way I walked with Christ.


Dan Rasper

A2 Intern

I grew up being very involved in church, but as soon as I got to college, I became caught up in the allure of success and wealth that came from working. After two years, I fell away from my faith and felt like I was too far off from God to go back to church. One week, I forced myself to go to Campus Focus, and found a genuine and welcoming culture that I hadn’t found anywhere else. My small group leaders welcomed me in, included me in their family and showed me the love of Christ. Since then, I have become a completely different person! God has showed me how to use my skills in business for His purpose rather than my own. In May, I graduated with a degree in Sales and Marketing and decided to put my career on hold to give back to Campus Focus and invest in college students for a year. I’m so excited to be a part of what God is doing here at CF. If you can relate to my story or want to talk more, email or message me on social media below!


Mikaela Marino

A2 Intern

I first heard about Campus Focus as early as my very first visit to campus, where I saw the A-frames set up next to the Student Union. Despite this early interaction with CF, it took me a while to get involved. However, once I finally started attending consistently with a group of friends and invested myself in this ministry, CF got a hold of my heart and would not let go. My involvement with Campus Focus has grown from worship, to small group leader, to intern. Campus Focus has helped me grow my relationship with Christ so much, and I am excited to get to be a part of that and reach other students.


Clay Cooper

A2 Intern

While I grew up in a church environment my whole life, I entered college at the University of Akron with a lot of misconceptions concerning what it means to follow Jesus. As I got more and more involved in Campus Focus, I learned what being a Christian was all about, and my life changed dramatically for the better! The community in Campus Focus is genuinely caring, and I'm thankful for the meaningful, lifelong friendships I've made. I desire to see other peoples' lives impacted by God and Campus Focus in a similar way, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to serve on staff as an A2 intern!